Sunday, January 13, 2013

If "Corona" Was a Movie...

First off, no, CORONA IS NOT BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE. This is merely some fun speculation of mine. For those interested, YOU CAN BUY CORONA HERE. So, as I was saying, if Corona was ever made into a movie, these are the people who I would see as playing some of the main characters. Again, this is just for fun, and in case anyone is curious as to how I imagine them. Anyways, here it goes:

Caleb Polaski - Cillian Murphy:

He has the icy eyes and the acting abilities. Enough said.

Jeanette Turner - Natascha McElhone:

Her performance in Solaris always just stuck with me, and on some levels, I associate her with Jeanette.

Bae Valereigh - Sam Rockwell:

I first saw Sam Rockwell in Moon, and ever since I have been a fan. Valereigh reminds me a bit of Rockwell's character in Moon, Sam Bell, as well. Yes, I know, that rhymed.

Kamira Jarkens - Sophie Okonedo:

I loved her in the Doctor Who episode "The Beast Below" - strong-willed and caring.

Hat - Elijah Wood/Very Young James Spader from Stargate:

You just have to love Elijah Wood! The influence of James Spader on Hat, though, was more appearance-wise than character-wise.

Elijah Wood

James Spader

Kacie Bernard - Karen Gillan:

Karen Gillan is my idol. Well, one of them. Enough said.

Michael Springer - Sharlto Copley:

Love this guy - he was amazing in District 9.

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